Tips and Ideas for the best use of your contact lenses

Alternatives to lens solution

What to use when you’re out of lens solution?

These alternatives will help you keep your contact lenses from drying. However you should not be used for long term.

·         Saline

Saline that you buy in the store has been disinfected, so it’s safer to use than tap water. The saline will make sure the contacts don’t dry overnight and it will remove surface smudges, but it will not remove mineral deposits.

·         Distilled Water

Distilled water has been boiled so it doesn’t contain any minerals. It also removes small smudges from your contact lenses, however it will not clean your lenses properly. To keep your contact from drying overnight, it is for sure preferable to use distilled water to tap water.

·         Salt Water

To get some benefits of the saline solution, it is good to add some salt to the distilled water. In case that distilled water is not available, add some salt to tap water, in order to kill the minerals that may be in there. For a safer solution, boil and cool the water to kill more bacteria.